About MK

Welcome to Travels with MK – A personal blog about my life and my travels

I‘m MK, or Malin Karlsson. A travel addict in her late twenties.

The biggest passion in my life has always been traveling. I also love to photograph and write throughout my travels and that is what made me wanting to start this blog. Travels with MK will be a combination of my own online diary and a way to share my past, present and upcoming experiences for anyone looking for inspiration.

I believe that travel can teach and shape us into more openminded and understanding human beings, through gaining new perspectives and learning about other cultures.

My desire to explore the world has played a significant role in both my late teens and twenties and I have spent (almost exactly) as much time abroad as at home since.

In the end of August 2018 I decided to go on yet another adventure and left Sweden to backpack through Latin America while working as a freelancer. I call this my “who knows how long of a trip” since I bought an oneway ticket and am not sure of when I will return to Sweden.

If you want to read more…

Then please check out My travels where you can find out more about where I have been as well as read my storytelling, blogposts & articles.

You can also find me on instagram and follow along my journey @travelswithmk

Recently traveled to : ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire & Curaçao), Colombia, Ecuador (& Galapagos Islands), Peru and Bolivia

Currently in: Chile

Soon going to: Easter Island