My Travels

So far I have visited 61 countries/territories and 6 continents. My short-term goal has been to reach 50 before turning 30 and I reached it a few weeks before turning 29. My long-term goal is however not to visit a certain amount of countries. I just want to see and experience as many destinations as possible. But I find it fun keeping track of them. And I refuse to jump into a grave before I get to experience Antarctica!

Furthermore, I have lived in 8 countries outside of Sweden due to studies or work. On the way, I have met so many wonderful people, learned a whole lot about myself and other cultures. I will share more detailed content about this in a future blog post.

I quite often receive questions like “Are you not done traveling yet?” and “Have you not been everywhere yet?”

Well as you can see in the picture below I have currently been to 24% of the world, still a lot, but not close to everywhere. And I do not plan on ever being done with traveling, why should I?

I plan to continue to travel the world and share my past, current and upcoming experiences and thoughts around it on this site.

Dream destinations include Antarctica, Central Asia & Madagascar

My top three countries so far are New Zealand, Japan & Ecuador

More content will be added under Storytelling by MK in English and under På Svenska in Swedish