3 months with the Pink Caravans

Have you ever heard about the Pink Caravans? I would be surprised if you are not from, nor have lived in Sweden and know about them. But if you do, how fun!

Let me tell you a little bit about them. Pink Caravans are the English name for a Swedish tour operator called Rosa Bussarna which simply means what it is translated into in English.

The company started 50 years ago with a trip to India and since then, the company has taken over 28.000 travelers all over the world. The name comes from the re-built and re-painted buses which function as mobile homes that usually accommodates around 20-25 passengers.

The Pink Caravans offers tours on 6 continents with their 18 buses and nearly 50% of their customers are recurrent. They offer everything from 3-day tours, up to 70 days even though most of the trips are between 3-5 weeks. There are also between 30-40 tours on which you travel without the buses in North America, Asia, and Oceania.

I traveled on a pink bus, through Central Europe during the summer of 2014 and loved it. For the duration of about 3 months, I will now join them as a crew member on one of their routes in South America. We will be traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires, further on to Santiago through Patagonia and up to Bolivia and Peru.

The trip I am joining is divided into three legs and can be booked individually or put together, for those who have more time to travel. I know that there is one traveler, who have never traveled with Pink Caravans before, that will be joining for the whole period.

A lot of the people joining these trips are well-traveled but prefer to not travel alone. I have met so-called “pink caravaners” who have traveled to up to over 100 countries and on the trip I did 4 years ago almost half of the group had been to over 50 countries.

On a lot of the trips, the age varies from 18 up to over 70-year-old’s. And there are mostly solo-travelers but also some people going together with a partner or a friend. You never know what people you may end up traveling with.

I plan to write about each country we visit together or each leg we do in Swedish here on the site first hand. I might also do a post as a compilation of the trip in the end.


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