“Who knows how long of a trip” Planning for backpacking

When people finish high school and decide to take a leap for a gap year, a lot of these young adults chose to go backpacking. Well, now I did not. I did decide to take a gap year, or more like five/six, but I never went backpacking. Instead, I went off to work in different countries, which was also amazing, fantastic, challenging and the best decision ever, for me. But backpacking is something I have also always wanted to do.

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To fall in love with traveling

At a very young age, I knew that I had fallen in love with traveling and I already then had a feeling that travels would play a great role in my life. Only a few amounts of people I know do not enjoy traveling at all or prefer to just stay home, within their comfort zone. While most of the others love to travel as well, like me.

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