ABC Islands, for less than 1000€

Eagle Beach, Aruba
I always imagined a trip to the Caribbean as something luxurious, something that would cost me a lot of money. But I manage to visit Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao for less than 1000 Euro. This including everything regarding transportation on and between the islands, accommodation, food, and activities. With that said, rather expensive excursions such as diving.

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Where I have been. So far.

When counting or collecting countries it is up to each and every one by themselves to decide how they want to do it or what kind of list they want to use. I have chosen to count countries & territories. Therefore my total number (if I ever get the chance to visit them all) would be +233.

All 49 countries I have visited are nearly or not at all visible, as they are too small for this map. Some of these countries include; Gambia, Fiji, Malta, Monaco, Qatar and the ABC islands.

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“Who knows how long of a trip” Planning for backpacking

When people finish high school and decide to take a leap for a gap year, a lot of these young adults chose to go backpacking. Well, now I did not. I did decide to take a gap year, or more like five/six, but I never went backpacking. Instead, I went off to work in different countries, which was also amazing, fantastic, challenging and the best decision ever, for me. But backpacking is something I have also always wanted to do.

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To fall in love with traveling

At a very young age, I knew that I had fallen in love with traveling and I already then had a feeling that travels would play a great role in my life. Only a few amounts of people I know do not enjoy traveling at all or prefer to just stay home, within their comfort zone. While most of the others love to travel as well, like me.

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