One World, Numerous Lives by Through Lisa’s Eyes

I met my dear friend Lisa in 2009, while we were both working as Au Pairs in New Zealand. We were just about to turn 20 and at the beginning of our adult lives. Lisa and I share a lot of similar interest, not least when it comes to traveling and scuba diving. She is someone that has inspired and keeps influencing me.

My friend Lisa on her recent trip to Bali

Lisa started the year of 2019 by launching a project she has been working on for some time, a podcast. The name of her podcast is “One World, Numerous Lives”. What a fantastic name right?

In each of her episodes, she invites one of her friends, from her global network, to join her for a conversation about their present lives and experiences. This to show how different lives people live and that there are endless options out there if you are willing to go for it.

I joined in episode number 3 “Live the life you want to live”. While recording this, Lisa was in Hamburg, Germany and I was in Santiago, Chile. We struggled a bit to the perfect time to do our recording due to our time difference. We obviously wanted to try to do it at a time with as little disturbing noises around as possible. The best time for Lisa would have been early morning in her place, but this would have meant nighttime for me. So Lisa sacrificed some sleep to start our conversation at midnight in Germany (we then went on until after 2 am).

“One World, Numerous Lives” is the name of Lisa’s podcast

I was super impressed by Lisa’s technical knowledge as I am still in an early learning process when it comes to these things. For people who do not know, there is a lot more work behind a podcast, and a website/blog, then just talking or writing.

Another thing I want to mention is that Lisa was actually one of the people that inspired me to go on my current solo trip. After completing her master’s degree, Lisa went off and did a solo around the world trip. I hope less and fewer people out there cancel their traveling plans or dreams just because they have no one to do it with. Going solo is such a great adventure!

After our time in New Zealand, Lisa and I have been able to meet up in places such as Lund (Sweden), Edinburgh (Scotland) and Hamburg (Germany). Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to see each other now for a few years. But I hope it will not be too long until we can visit each other or meet up somewhere in the world again.

You can tune in and listen to her podcast on all big channels, such as iTunes, GooglePlay, and Spotify, or through her own site PODCAST EPISODE 3

If you want to find out more about Lisa then check her out on Instagram at @through_lisas_eyes and on her website Through Lisa’s Eyes


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