Summary of my “who knows how long of a trip”

In the end of last summer (2018), I bought a one-way ticket to the Caribbean and my goal was to explore as much as possible of South America. I called it my “who knows how long of a trip” since I had no idea how long it was going to last. I had a laptop with me to be able to do some work along the way.

Places I visited during my backpacking trip between Aug 2018 – May 2019

My freelance jobs helped me a whole lot. It made it possible for me to be gone for longer than I would have otherwise. I traveled for 5 months as a part-time digital nomad. I never called myself that during my trip but realized that it was how other travelers saw me. For the following 3 months, I combined this with project-based employment with Rosa Bussarna.

I then returned to my part-time digital nomad way of traveling for a little over a month before I returned home to Sweden. In Sweden, I combined my digital assignments by spending lots of quality time with my friends and family. I also managed to squeeze in a reunion with some friends in Lisbon before heading over to Bali and London for work again.

My backpacking while working online trip lasted a total of 9 months and it was all and more than I could have ever dreamed of. I chose to focus on Galapagos for Ecuador and skipped Venezuela, as I saw a lot of both those countries when I worked as a tour leader there in 2010/11. What I did not see that I would have liked to was the north and heart of Brazil, Surinam, Guyana, and French Guyana. I guess I have to go back someday, which I do not mind. At all!

Down below are some facts that summaries my trip;


Duration: +38 weeks / 270 days

Countries/territories visited: 15 (13 new)

Cities visited: +70

Hours spent on a bus: +600 hours

Distance traveled on the road: +34,000 km (excluding boat rides & flights)

Days traveling solo: +100

Days traveling with Rosa Bussarna: 90

Days traveling with friends: 70

Nr of dives: 14

Nights slept in hostels: +175

Nights slept in a tent: 17

Local night buses: 18

Nights slept on the pink bus (Rosa Bussarna): 47



I am beyond happy that I took the decision to go on this trip and I hope more people dare to go for their travel dreams. Even if they do not have anyone to do it together with.

Traveling solo is such an amazing experience! It does not mean you will be solo all of the time either. I hope I have been able to inspire at least one person to do something similar!


11 thoughts on “Summary of my “who knows how long of a trip””

    1. I always wanted to experience a Rosa Bussarna when I lived in Stockholm I saw them marketed in many places for whatever reason I never did

  1. Your covered a lot of kms, and yet I can appreciate what it means to travel solo. Sounds like an amazing experience and opportunity to follow your dream.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s so inspiring! I regularly follow your journey on Instagram. Keep up the good work šŸ™‚

  3. Definitely an inspiring article to travel solo. I guess it’s just a “lifestyle” to adapt. It is nice to be working from anywhere in the world – something I hope to achieve one day.

    1. Yes, unfortunately, I did not make it to Costa Rica this time around šŸ™‚ Just another reason to go back!

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